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With 10+ years of facilitating, I make it easier for people to learn and practice tools for creative community change.

 Are you an individual looking for consultation on a personal goal; a teacher or youth worker seeking fun interactive programs; a business in need of facilitation, or, a community group hoping to find someone to assist with creative program engagement? 


Ohhh have I got some really cool things to share with you!

A Peek At What I Can Do For You:

Social Justice Activities  // Compassionate Communication Sessions  // Creative Community Model  // 

Facilitation Training  // Practical Permaculture  // Food Systems Talks  // Community Event Planning  //

Much more...

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A restorative and resilient society — one in which we meet our needs in a way that we care for each other, care for the land, and limit our use while sharing surpluses.

Action & Aspirations

To create spaces for people to connect, share skills and resources, and practice working cooperatively with people and community organizations to accelerate the transition to a restorative and resilient society.

  • Our ability to care and support is abundant, not scarce.

  • People can work well with other people to achieve unimaginable creativity.

  • Communication, especially our listening and observing with curiosity, is a base to change and can always improve.

  • Diversity is something we cherish and integrate, rather than segregate.

  • We meet challenge and controversy with empathy and creativity.

  • Everyone has something unique and important to contribute, not just a select few.

  • We live in systems of injustice and we choose to acknowledge them and redesign them by centring the voices of people historically and/or currently oppressed.


Welcome – I was raised to speak the english language used by my family in Canada (Northern Turtle Island)


Willkommen – My ancestry on both sides, both maternal and paternal, is European mostly German and English


Aanii – “Greetings,” in one of the languages of Objibwe, Anishinabe, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations peoples, whose traditional territory I was born and raised on

Land Acknowledgement

We live and work on the traditional territory of the Mi'kmaq, also known as Mi'kma'ki, and Peace and Friendship Treaty Territory.

As a settler who is learning of the historical and ongoing violence of colonialism in this area and who works for the creation of a diverse community that benefits all people, I reflect on the following questions to guide my actions:

- What are the obligations to the people who first inhabited this land? 
- How do settlers on this land figure out what their responsibilities are? 
- How can we be good guests here? 
- How can we support existing local struggles? 
- And how can we support Indigenous self-determination in the longer term? 

Questions and dialogue continued from Fairfield Gonzales Community Association.

Centrelea, Nova Scotia, B0S 1C0, 

Mi'kma'ki, Canada, Turtle Island

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